Media Specialist

What is a media specialist?

An easy description of a media specialist is a person who understands how media works.

Media is used to influence, persuade, and sell people, places, ideas and products. There are different types of media specialists, but for the most part, a media specialist is an educator who uses media to teach and also help others learn how to use media effectively.

Dr. Beard has a PhD in rhetoric, which is a fancy word that just means persuasion. Her specialization is in new media studies.

New media is the catchall term for any type  of media that uses digital technology to communicate any message.

In her dissertation research, Dr. Beard explored how students can use video production to communicate to a wider audience in their scholastic and professional careers. YouTube has quickly become one of the best ways for people to communicate with the world whether their ideas are personal or professional in nature.

Social media has become a major communication tool in today’s marketing world.

Almost any business owner will instinctively know that at least a minimum presence on Facebook through a profile or business page is critical to reaching potential clients and customers where they are.  A media specialist can help people market to a wider audience through the platforms of social media that are only expanding every day.

Another important area for people to think about in today’s digitally connected world, is their online presence or personae. It is never too early to start planning how a person’s identity is perceived online.

One of the first things a potential employer, client or customer will do, is GOOGLE YOUR NAME. GOOGLE is the new RESUME.

Do you know what comes up? Do your social media accounts have the proper privacy settings? Does too much or too little come up when a person searches your name?

A media specialist can help you establish and improve your online presence. Dr. Beard can help you set up your own personalized website, and set you on your way to establishing a strong, professional internet presence through techniques such as video production, blogging, vlogging, and using various social media platforms to maximize personal branding and business outreach.



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