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4th Annual IEP Mini-Conference 2016

4th Annual IEP Mini-Conference 2016: “Keeping It Real”

Sponsored by Georgia TESOL and Cambridge University Press. Organized by the Georgia TESOL IEP Interest Section and representatives of four Georgia universities and English USA.
Georgia Tech Language

February 27, 2016

Dr. Jeannie Beard

1:00-1:50 Room F

Since You Are Staring at Your Phone Anyway . . .

As teachers, most of us have experienced the frustration that has come with 21st century technology in the classroom, primarily the issue of students staring at their phones during class time.

Some teachers address the problem by having students turn off their cell phones or mandate a strictly “no phone use” policy in their classrooms, some going so far as to have students deposit their phones in a basket when they walk through the door, while others shrug and give up the fight as many students just gaze down at their palms during the entire class.

It is true that people today are addicted to their phones, and while
this addiction admittedly can be very problematic, really these smart devices do put a world of opportunity at our fingertips. Why should our students waste time scrolling through Snapchat and Instagram pics, when they can be using their devices to learn?

In this presentation, I will offer some of the practical strategies I have used to incorporate these mini-computers into my classroom experience, giving students the opportunity to learn with their devices rather than just be distracted by them during class.

We will discuss useful apps, single class assignments, and long-term projects that use cell phones and discuss strategies for addressing the issue of smart phones in the classroom. Join me as we lament the bygone days when students had their eyes only on us, and explore the ways we can engage them even as they are staring at their phones!

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